The Reality Of Diversity In Leading Change: The Multi-Generational Team In Organizations.

Intended audience:
The workshop is designed to actively engage, directors, managers, school principals and staff in the shared organizational vision, mission, strategies, systems and processes.  Executive Leaders/managers, the senior management team and staff will practice skills, to enhance the interpersonal human relations in the workplace, energize the workforce, and enhance quality in service delivery. This rapid fire interactive intensive workshop will be ideal for groups of up to fifty participants.

Program Overview
Participants will reflect on the perception of diversity. Participants then do a MBTI Type Inventory as a means to help each one understand personality type preferences, decision making, conflict resolution and learning styles. After this first three hours staff will do a personalized Lifestyle Collage. This is an exercise that helps participants to reinterpret their lives and to reframe their lives as being functional and successful irrespective of race, religion and riches. 


  1. Reinforce your understanding of your own behavioral styles and enhance your understanding of the behavior of other people
  2. Maximize commitment to organizational mission and goals across a diverse multi-generational team
  3. Enhance your adaptive leadership and management skills
  4. Improve your understanding and recognition that diversity is in your own and everyone’s best interest, as well as the overall interest of the organization
  5. Help you  audit and develop your diversity plan


  • SSN: You are comfortable with your personal skill sets, but sometimes you need to “borrow” a skill set in order to execute a function that makes you feel uncomfortable. Through Social Skills Networking you can dialogue and practice with others and thus be less clumsy in interpersonal and professional relations in the workplace. Remember all the modalities are available to you.
  • PLC:  Personalized Lifestyle Collage is your mishmash, reflexive presentation of slef in pictures.  To the concert of life no one gets a program on the way in. The stage is set for you to be in control of your life no matter what momentary challenges might feel traumatic, challenging and or stressful. Adults and children have different perceptual modes of experience. While most adult experience and memory is based on verbal categories, while childhood experience, in contrast, is largely preverbal; it is more directly based on the senses. As a result, it cannot be tagged, labeled- and later recalled- through verbal codes, and it is therefore lost to us as we grow up. Autocentric senses (thermal sense, smells, taste, touch) are felt in the body. The allocentric senses- hearing and especially sight directs attention to the outside. Adult memory categories- which are predominantly verbal- are poorly suited for the recall of autocentric experiences.